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 After agonizing over venues and looking at a thousand pins on Pinterest you wake up in the middle of the night and realize this isn't us. We want a meaningful, totally unique wedding experience. 

The amazing thing is that getting married doesn't have to be stressful or dictated by traditions. Your wedding day can be anything you want it to be. You can elope, you can plan an intimate wedding next to a beautiful lake or if you have enough resources you can get married in space. Give yourself permission to think outside the traditional wedding box and create a wedding adventure that really speaks to your heart.


Your Adventurous Wedding  

Adventurous weddings aren't about people or stuff. They are about you. They are about creating an experience that is 100% you; there is no production, no show, no trendy reception must do’s. There is just you and your partner committing yourself to each with nature as your witnesses. Adventurous weddings can be either elopements or intimate weddings.


 Your Adventurous Elopement

Most of the time the word ‘elope’ brings to mind a trip to the courthouse. This may have been true when our grandparents were young ... but today, it can be anything from hiking to your favorite overlook to exchange your vows to planning a weekend wedding celebration in the backcountry.

Adventure eloping describes a wedding celebration focused around an adventurous experience in nature. Adventure elopements will typically include 2-20 people and are not tied to a traditional wedding venue. Adventure elopements are created by you and can include any level of adventuring; from a short hike to your favorite vista to multiple days spent exploring the wonders of the PNW.


 Your People

Adventure eloping doesn't mean you have to exclude your family and friends. It just means you will probably be picker with who you invite because having an intimate experience is important to you. The location you choose for your adventure elopement will affect how many people you can include; getting married on a glacier is easier done with two than ten.

Whether you choose to elope with just the two of you or your closest loved ones, the whole experience will be built around your unique wants and desires. There are no traditions or family expectations that have to be met. You are the only two people that truly matter and you deserve to get married in a way that is meaningful to you.


 Your Adventurous Wedding Celebration

There is not a hard line between elopements and intimate weddings. Adventure elopements are a wedding experience in the great outdoors and will include less people. Intimate weddings will include more people and can have elements of a traditional wedding. Intimate weddings can be adventurous too. They can include exploring and getting married in non-traditional places. Regardless of what your wedding celebration is called the focus of elopements and intimate weddings will always be you.

You don't have to choose between eloping and having an intimate or traditional wedding. You could combine them… you could have a hiking sunrise ceremony and a traditional reception that evening. The possibilities are endless! Give yourself permission to dream and create a wedding experience that is completely you!


 So, how does planning an adventurous wedding work?

  1. We meet: via a phone call or in person if you are local. We chat about your vision for your elopement or intimate wedding. We talk about you and your love story because we want to make sure I am perfect for it. We get to know each other.

  2. We make it official: we settle on a date and general location. Contracts are signed and a retainer paid.

  3. We start planning: We design a timeline and plan that includes all of the amazing things you want to do and see during your adventurous wedding day. This includes deciding on an exact location, checking out activities around that location, applying for permits and finding vendors.

  4. And finely you marry your best friend in a way that is meaningful and unforgettably you. With only the people you choose to include, doing only the things you want to do and loving every minute of the wedding day you created.


What is it like to have an adventurous wedding photographer?

Experiencing a couple committing themselves to each other in an adventurous, authentically ‘them’ way sets my heart on fire. You deserve this! You should feel nothing but love, acceptance and support on your wedding day. My job as your adventurous wedding photographer is so much more than documenting your wedding experience. I do not come to your wedding day with an agenda or a shot list. My only desire is to support you and empower you to get married your way. 

Adventurous weddings are about you marrying your best friend exactly how you choose and I am along for your adventure. I will never treat your wedding day as a photoshoot. You deserve so much more than this! I promise instead to document your incredible day in a way that gives you permission to be authentically you.

As your photographer I will help bring your adventurous wedding vision to life. I will location scout for you, I will laugh with you, I will climb mountains with you and I will create a space that is peaceful and accepting of your love. I want to help you plan the most meaningful, YOU centered wedding celebration you can image. From the time you reach out to me until I deliver your wedding gallery, I am committed to you and the vision you have for your wedding celebration. How you get married matters and I want to tell your story!


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