How to Pick the Best Airbnb Wedding Venues in Idaho

This is your guide to brainstorming your wedding adventure, researching Airbnb wedding venues and finding the perfect spot to house your wedding celebration.

Where you choose to have your elopement or wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding adventure. Perhaps you have a vision of saying “I do” with the Sawtooth Mountains as the only invited guests. Or maybe you see you and your partner saying your vows in softly falling snow with a few of your closest friends. Whatever the journey before you, choosing a Airbnb wedding venue for your celebration can create a unique experience for you and your wedding guests.

Bride and groom stand together with the salmon river behind them in Idaho. This image is part of an article on the best Airbnb wedding venues in Idaho.

Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize your wedding day…. maybe you’re walking together along a beach at sunset, perhaps some family members are present, or a furry friend is running along in front of you. Take a minute to consider these questions: What are your favorite outdoor activities? What kind of scenery do you see as the backdrop for your day? What fun things would you like to do with your guests during your wedding adventure?

This visualizing session will help you decide on what type of scenery you see for your day, it will help you understand who you would like to invite (or not invite), and give you ideas about what activities you would like to do during your celebration. Getting specific in your brainstorming session and following this guide will help you choose an Airbnb wedding venue in Idaho that is just right for you.

Navigating Airbnb Wedding Venue Protocols

Due to pandemic restrictions, Airbnb stopped allowing private rental cabins to host events such as weddings. But don’t fear! Traditional hospitality venues, such as boutique hotels and guest ranches, are still allowed to host events at their discretion. To tell whether a rental allows events you can scroll to the bottom of the listing. If it does not mention a restriction on events, it is mostly likely a traditional hospitality venue. You will want to contact the rental and ask if it allows events because each rental will have its own set of rules. 

Wedding couple touches hands on the gearshift of an old Willy's jeep. There are flowers in the back of the jeep and bride is wearing a hat and white shirt.

Pandemic or not, it is a good practice to check in with your wedding venue regularly, and not solely rely on website information. There is always a chance that their listing does not contain the most up to date information. Reaching out periodically to the venue in the months leading up to your celebration will ensure you are aware of any new protocols or changes to allowed occupancy due the pandemic.

While we are on the topic of logistics, ensure you have researched the ins and outs of getting an Idaho Marriage License! Doing your research beforehand will ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in order when you go to apply for your marriage license.

WHY: Get married at an Airbnb?

(a.k.a Do people really do this?)

You aren’t the only one who has considered an Airbnb wedding venue for your celebration. A stunning backdrop and access to local outdoor amenities is a big reason to pick an Airbnb wedding venue but there are several other reasons why an Idaho Airbnb may be the perfect location for your wedding.

Intimate Setting

Having your wedding at an Airbnb provides a private setting. No strangers milling about, and most definitely no uninvited guests. Whether it is a midnight conversation around the fire, or an early morning coffee on the deck, the people surrounding you will be your loved ones.

A Longer Celebration

I don’t blame you, it’s your special day and you don’t want it to end! Airbnb wedding venues allow you to celebrate on your own terms. Commemorating your wedding in this manner allows you to transform your wedding celebration from one evening to an entire weekend with family and friends. Renting a large Airbnb venue allows everyone to stay together and you won’t have to worry about your guests traveling after your wedding.

Celebrate in One Place

One thing that folks who are planning a wedding often forget to consider is the distance between celebration locations. It can be hectic and often frustrating to transfer guests from a ceremony, to a reception, then back to a place for lodging. At an Airbnb wedding venue, all of the celebrations can easily take place in one location.

Boho and dreamcatcher inspired wedding ceremony at Moonridge McCall Cabin wedding venue.

WHERE: Airbnb Wedding Venues and Location

 (a.k.a. Where are we going to do this thing?!)

It may seem obvious, but where the venue is located on the map is something important to consider. If it’s cute, quaint and just your style, but next to a bar that may play loud music at night… it may not be the right location for you. Also, considering how far away Airbnb wedding venues are from an airports is important. The more remote your venue is, the more work it will be to organize transportation and food for your guests.

Bride and groom stand touching foreheads and holding hands. Couple is standing in a pine tree forest. Bride is wearing a pink dress and groom is wearing a light blue suit.

Most likely you are renting an Airbnb wedding venue because you are passionate about the outdoors and want to include some fun things in your wedding day or weekend. As a general rule, your rental should be within an hour of any activities you want to do on your wedding day, so you aren’t spending a lot of time driving.

Do a Google search to see what features the Airbnb location is near. Is there a scenic trail nearby that would be perfect for quiet morning hike? What about daytime activities? How far away are grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations? Considering these details (and not just whether or not there is a great place to host the celebration) will allow you to make the best choice for you and your partner.

The Coyote Yurts from Sun Valley Mountain Huts is a fun example of an adventurous Airbnb wedding venue. This rental is for the couple who wants to get off the beaten path and explore the mountains and spend starry nights around a campfire.

Seasonality and Airbnb Wedding Venues

Seasons and weather vary in Idaho! There can be snow in September in the high country and extreme thunderstorms in June. What does this mean for you and your Airbnb wedding plans? Ask the hard questions at the start, so you aren’t left disappointed or without a Plan B on your wedding day. Here are some questions to answer with your partner?

  • Is the venue you’re considering accessible/open year round?
  • What are the roads like from the airport to the venue?
  • Are special vehicles required to access the venue (such as all wheel drive in winter)?
  • What is the typical weather for the date I am planning to get married?
  • If I plan to get married outside and there’s bad weather, what is Plan B?

As with anything that is out of control (think rainclouds and two-year-old flower girls) going with the flow can be key to creating a peaceful wedding day. However, the more you know and plan in advance, the less surprises you will encounter on your wedding day.

WHO: Airbnb Wedding Venues and Size

(a.k.a. How many people will you invite?)

One of my favorite things about considering Airbnb Wedding venues is the fact that it requires you to be intentional about who you include. While this may be challenging for some, for others it can provide a significant growing experience. These conversations allow you to discuss who is a crucial part of celebrating your future lifetime together. 

Determining your guest count will help to solidify what size of rental you will need. You can then search for Airbnb wedding venues that will have room for everyone who plans to attend. It’s always a good idea to message the host to ensure that the listing is up to date because renovations and capacity caps due to COVID can limit the number of available rooms.

Couple sits together on a white bed in their AirBnb.

Next, determine if there is room for casual activities onsite. These could include having a cocktail or meal together indoors after the ceremony (and just in case the weather turns chilly!) Are kids invited to your celebration? Does your venue have room for the young ones and include access to activities they may enjoy?

The Sun Valley Luxury Home is one of my favorite Airbnb wedding venues in Idaho. With a wrap around deck and just minutes from Sun Valley ski resort, couples can celebrate their marriage with friends and family. This includes eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms… all in one place. But more than just room to sleep… This home provides a cozy fireplace, pool and hot tub.

A Note on Accessibility and Airbnb Wedding Venues

Take a thoughtful look at your guest list when choosing a Airbnb Wedding venue. Then, take note of anyone who may need additional accommodations. If there is a guest who is unable to use stairs, is there an alternative so they are able to access the accommodations? Are service animals permitted?

Airbnb does a good job of allowing you to connect with hosts who may be more ADA accessible, and filtering your searches so they can include necessary accommodations. Working accessibility into your decision making process will keep everyone comfortable, happy, and ready to celebrate YOU on your big day.

WHAT: Airbnb Wedding Venues and Activities and Amenities

(a.k.a My favorite part.)

It’s your wedding celebration and you should do whatever makes your heart happy! This could includes planning some fun activities, or choosing a Airbnb wedding venue that provides amenities to make your big day even more customized to your desires. Your celebration could be followed by a hike, snowshoe, or kayak, (for more ideas on fun adventure photos, check this out.) But choosing a venue with easy access to these adventures is critical.

The Atlanta Guest Ranch is the perfect example of an Airbnb wedding venue that knows the importance of amenities. Nestled just outside of Boise, the Atlanta Guest Ranch provides entertainment and attractions that make it perfect for a long weekend. The ranch includes a hot spring fed pool, hot tub, par 3 golf hole, volleyball and tennis courts and two private lakes with canoe and paddle board access. If amenities can make a location an AirBnb Wedding venue for you, this place is a must.

Airbnb Wedding Venues and Access to Public Land

They don’t call Idaho the Gem of the Northwest for nothing! Our state is full of state parks and scenic byways that are worth checking out as part of your wedding adventure. 63% of the land in Idaho is public land, so that means you have thousands of acres to explore and enjoy!

eloping couple camp the night before their elope in McCall, Idaho.

Do a quick search of nearby monuments, parks and points of interest near your Airbnb. Who knows? Your drive back home may take you the long way around where you can check out the local wineries, whitewater rafting, or take a quick dip in one of Idaho’s 130+ hot springs.

Welcome to the Best Day of Your Life

When it is all said and done, your wedding will be meaningful and magical because you chose to make it that way. Choosing an Airbnb wedding venue is simply icing on the cake to celebrate the life and love you have created. 

Whether you plan to tie the knot in a yurt with only a few close friends, or want to celebrate in luxury with the ones you love beside you, one thing is for certain: you can make your day as unique as your love. Whatever your goals for your Idaho wedding may be, I am here to help make them a reality. 

Whether you are ready to start talking with photographers, or simply want some ideas on why I love the Airbnb wedding venues that I do, let’s talk. There is nothing I love more than helping you create a wedding or elopement that values your adventure.