6 Reasons Why Elopement Weddings are the Most Authentic Celebration

The location, the ceremony, and the freedom from conformity: Why elopement weddings are a dream for couples who think outside the box.

There is no right or wrong way to get married but some couples want more than a traditional trip down the aisle. They want the freedom to create a wedding day that is a true reflection of their love and relationship. Elopement weddings provide a unique solution for those whose relationship isn’t represented in the four walls of a church or a banquet hall.

What is an elopement? Eloping is a wedding experience that is created by you and for you. It is a way of getting married that places you and your commitment to each other above wedding traditions and other people.

Elopements are a wedding day without rules and the result of this type of wedding celebration is a genuine experience where you get to be your true self and marry your partner on your terms. Read on to discover 6 reasons why elopement weddings are the most authentic way to get married. 

Couple stands looking down at their dogs during their twilight elopement wedding in Idaho. Bride and groom are wearing headlamps and shining light on their dogs. Light from the rising moon can be seen on the mountains and lake behind the couple.

1. Individualized Activities

Elopement weddings allow you to participate in activities on your wedding day that aren’t traditionally considered “wedding material.” If dancing isn’t your thing, what about a moonlit stroll? Or a round of wedding Jenga? Hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing and canoeing are just a few of the activities you could choose to do. It’s your day and you should integrate the things you love!

A couple plays a game of Jenga during their elopement. This is an example of a unique activity to include in a wedding day.
A bride sets a piece down during a Jenga game the couple played as a fun activity on their elopement day.

2. Intimate Location

My favorite reason for having an elopement wedding? You can get married anywhere. If you feel inspired by rugged mountains you could get married at sunrise and then spend the afternoon hiking into an alpine lake for a sunset adventure together (see a real elopement of this here). If you love backpacking together you could make your elopement a multi-day hiking adventure where you just happen to get married along the way. Having an elopement means you have endless location options at your disposal.

A couple stands on a hillside with the Sawtooth Mountains behind them in Stanley. The groom is holding a bouquet of flowers and smiling. Bride is wearing a suede orange leather jacket over a champagne colored dress.

Don’t forget, eloping doesn’t mean you have to exclude your loved ones. Check out these Airbnb’s that provide seclusion, wild beauty, and the opportunity to include your family and friends in your elopement.

3. Personalized Ceremony

An elopement doesn’t mean you forgo the aspects of a wedding that are important to you. Instead, it means you can personalize your ceremony to create the meaning that best represents your love. If handwritten vows are representative of your relationship and the future you plan to create, be sure to include them! If you would rather high-five and skip to your first kiss that’s fine too! Elopement weddings give you the opportunity to create a ceremony that includes the words, unity rituals and people that are important to you.

A couple changes vows during their handfasting ceremony. Couple is standing on a white pebble beach in Stanley, Idaho. There is water and mountains behind them.

4. Mindful Money Management

Of course, the costs will vary, but it is estimated that the average elopement costs $5,000- $15,000. (While the average wedding is around $34,000!) The truth of the matter is, getting married is expensive. But spending money on adventures and celebrations that are authentic to you will feel much more rewarding than throwing money at a traditional wedding out of obligation. Elopements allow you to focus on the things that matter most, while foregoing costs that don’t resonate.

5. Ability to create your Schedule

For the early birds, the night owls, and those who like to stop and smell the wildflowers, an elopement is an ideal scenario. Elopements allow you to create a day without pressure to express your love within a certain time frame. You can get married without worrying about venue curfews, dinner deadlines and wedding guest constraints. Invite your furry friend to the celebration, sleep in, stay out late and hold hands under the stars. Elopements allow you to make genuine decisions and keep your desires at the core.

Groom kisses his brides forehead during their elopement wedding.

6. Freedom to invite (or not invite) Guests

Your marriage is between you two, so why should your wedding day be any different? The nature of eloping gives you the freedom to be intentional with whom you invite to your wedding. This could mean you elope just the two of you (this isn’t selfish!) or you can invite a small group of friends and family to celebrate with you.

A bride and her parents walk across a field to her elopement wedding ceremony in Sun Valley, Idaho. The groom is standing with their wedding guests and looking at bride. There are mountains and pine trees in the background.

Making it Your Elopement Wedding

The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to get married. Just as each couple is unique, so is the way they define their perfect wedding experience. If a traditional wedding doesn’t resonate with your style or personality, know that there are authentic options open to you. (And these options are as big and as boundless as the star-speckled sky where you may just say “I do”!)

Whether elopements are new on your radar or a persistent thought in the back of your mind, I would love to help you discover whether an elopement wedding is the best way for you and your partner to authentically celebrate your special day.