The unlimited guide on how to elope in Idaho.

Idaho Elopement Guide

the ULTIMATE guide on how to elope in Idaho

I am guessing you’re here because you want a wedding day that allows you to celebrate your love and commitment to each other without all the stress of a traditional wedding. You want a day that values you and your love!

I want the same thing for you! As your elopement photographer + planner I am not into ‘just showing up and shooting’ your elopement. I will help you plan your wedding from start to finish!

Why? Because you deserve the wedding day of your dreams!

What is an elopement?

Eloping is a way of getting married that place you and your commitment to each other above wedding traditions and other people. Eloping is a small wedding experience that is created by you and for you. Here is a free resource on what is means to ‘elope’: Click Here

Some couples choose to elope alone and others choose to elope with their loved ones. How you define an elopement is entire up to you! I have been part of small weddings that had the same feel as two people elopements. The key to eloping with family and friends is just remember to keep your day about you.

Read on to learn how you can make your Idaho elopement happen!

Frequently asked questions about eloping

Yes! Your elopement can absolutely include your friends and family.

Adventure eloping simply means you are choosing to adventure in nature for your elopement. How you define this adventure is a reflection of what you love to do as a couple and what you want to experience on your wedding day. Adventure eloping doesn’t mean you have to climb a mountain! It just means you are choosing to create a wedding experience that is filled with meaningful moments in nature.

Elopements generally includes 2-25 people. This allows you to create a very tailored wedding experience because you have less people involved in your day. A wedding with 25-40 people is a small weddings. This type of wedding will have a more traditional feel because you will need some type of venue to host some or all of your wedding celebration.

Yes! I am a license officiant in the state of Idaho and offer officiant services to those couples that elope with my photography brand. For obvious reasons I will not preform your ceremony but if you are looking to officiate your own ceremony I can take care of the legal part.

You don’t have to choose between eloping and having an traditional wedding. You could combine them. For example, you could have a sunrise hiking elopement followed by a traditional reception that evening. You could elope alone and have a reception a few weeks later with your loved ones. The possibilities are endless!

My elopement coverage starts at 4 hours because I want to give you images you can cherish forever. If you have looked through my work you will have noticed a peaceful and relaxed feel to my images. You don’t get those type of photographs from quick ‘let’s stand over here and smile’ moments. These moments happen when you give yourself time to enjoying each other and all the beauty of the landscape that surrounds you on your elopement day. 

You do not deserve to look at your elopement day, 5 years from now, and only see your ceremony and a few couple photos looking back at you.

Your elopement day is so much more than just a few short hours. It’s an entire experience that deserves to be cherished throughout time. The emotions, the tears and the joy you share together on your wedding day are significant. These moments should look back at you through your wedding photos.

Meaningful photos take time to capture. They are not rushed or created from ‘stand over there and smile’ moments. Choosing to have your elopement documented from start to finish allows your peaceful moments together, your tears and your joy to be cherished for a lifetime.

Having me along to document your whole elopement or small wedding doesn’t mean you’re signing up for an all day photoshoot. That would be terrible! I promise instead to document your day in a way that gives you permission to be yourself. My only goal is to capture the two of you being together and experiencing the amazing wedding day you intentionally built for each other.

I strongly believe we are happiest when we are exploring nature with the ones we love because we are being present and living in the moment. I want you to experience this feeling of being truly present on your wedding day. I want you to be able to come away from the stress of your life and walk into nature holding your best friend’s hand and be able to exchange your vows in the most meaningful way possible. I want you to be able to feel 100% fulfilled by your wedding day and I believe that choosing to elope on your wedding day will give you this.

How does eloping in Idaho work?

1. Meet Your Photographer​

We will chat about your vision for your elopement or small wedding. We’ll talk about you and your love story because we want to make sure I am perfect for it.

2. Reserve Your Date​

 We make it official by settling on a date and general location. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly where you want to get married. We can figure that out later! A contract will be signed and a 50% retainer is due to save your date.

3. Craft Your Elopement​

We discover how you want to elope by looking at all the things you love to do together. We start creating a timeline that includes all of the amazing things you want to do and see during your wedding day. You will book for travel and accommodations and finalize any permits that are required.

4. Get Married In The Perfect Way​

And finally you marry your best friend in a way that is meaningful and perfectly you. With only the people you choose to include, doing only the things you want to do, and loving every minute of the wedding day you created.

Discover how eloping works1

Why Should you elope in Idaho?

Idaho is a hidden gem! It hosts countless alpine lakes, jagged mountain ranges and beautiful free flowing rivers. It has less crowds than many of the popular national parks in the US and has thousands of miles of dedicated wilderness that offers seclusion for mountain weddings and adventure elopements.

Here are some things that make eloping in Idaho easier than other states:

You don't need witnesses

Idaho is one of the few states that doesn’t require witnesses to sign your marriage license. If you are wanting a truly private wedding experience you can hire a wedding photographer that is also an ordained officiate and legally elope just the two of you in Idaho. I am an ordained officiate in the state of Idaho ;).

You can get married the same day

There is no waiting period in Idaho, so this means you can get married the same day you obtain our marriage license. Here is a guide to getting your marriage license in Idaho: Click Here


I have had numerous out-of-state couples comment on how quiet and secluded hiking locations in Idaho are. If you do your homework, it’s so easy to find trails and locations where you are the only people on them. A large chunk of Idahos public land is wilderness, this means you have the option to head into thousands of acres of untouched land. Here you will not experience motorized vehicles or crowds of people. This is a huge plus if you are looking for a truly private and intimate elopement day.

Locations for any vibe

Idaho offers a variety of locations to choose to elope in. If you love high desert you can head to Southern Idaho for sand dunes and sagebrush. If you want rugged mountain vibes you can head to the Sawtooth Mountains for amazing mountain views. If a river elopement is calling your name, you can head to the Salmon River and catch a jet boat and say your vows on a white sand beach. 

Best Places to elope in Idaho

This list is under construction! More coming soon.


I have a guide for eloping in Stanley, Idaho! You can see it here: Click Here


You can find a list of venue locations for McCall here: Click Here

Mackay Bar

Article coming soon on how to elope at Mackay Bar. You can find out more about Mackay Bar Ranch here: Click Here

Inspiration & Resources For Planning Your Elopement

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