McCall Idaho Wedding at Historic Roseberry

McCall Idaho wedding on Payette Lake

Micah and Ben’s McCall, Idaho wedding day began at 4am. They designed their wedding day around spending a few hours together at sunrise. We hiked to a lookout point on Payette Lake in McCall for their first look and couple photos.

Groom stands on a rock outcropping holding his bride in the early morning sunlight. Couple is surrounded by pine trees and Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho is behind them. Bride is wearing a beige colored, beaded dress from BHLDN.
Bride and groom stand on the edge of a cliff after their first look. There is a lake and mountain skyline in the background of the image. This couple planned a McCall, Idaho wedding and reception at Historic Roseberry Barn.
Bride kisses her groom in the early morning sunlight during their adventure session before their wedding ceremony. Couple is standing on a rock with trees and mountains behind them.

After our sunrise hike, Micah and Ben met their family for a midmorning ceremony on Payette Lake. Two days before their wedding day the three of us met in McCall and spent the morning checking out ceremony locations around the lake. One of my favorite parts about being an elopement photographer is helping my couples find the perfect location(s) for their wedding day celebration.

Bride and groom sit together on a rock overlooking Payette Lake. This couple planned a sunrise hike as part of their McCall, Idaho wedding celebration.

Pro Tip: Including a sunrise session in your wedding day gives you the opportunity to spend time dedicated to just the two of you. It gives you a moment to slow down and soak in each other. When you are including family in your day it’s hard to step away, but getting up at sunrise means you aren’t losing out on time with them.

A wedding ceremony on Payette Lake

For their McCall, Idaho wedding ceremony, B&M chose a location among the pine trees and house size boulders that line Payette Lake. Ben and Micahs wedding ceremony left a lasting impression on me. It was the first Jewish-Catholic ceremony I have witnessed. Every detail of the ceremony was intentional and gave tribute to their Catholic and Jewish backgrounds. The ceremony was lead by two friends of the couple that explained the traditions and the meaning behind them.

Bride and groom stand together under a chuppah during their Jewish wedding ceremony in McCall, Idaho.

A look at Jewish wedding ceremony traditions

The Walk to the Chuppah

In a Jewish wedding both sets of parents walk the bride and groom down the ‘aisle’ to the chuppah. The chuppah is a ‘marriage canopy‘ that represents the new home the couple will create together.

Honoring my side, our ceremony featured many Jewish traditions. It took place beneath a chuppah that we constructed, representing the home that we will build together. It is open on all sides to symbolize that our home is always open to visitors.The chuppah was made from birch poles that Ben’s parents harvested from their homestead. My Mom and Ben’s sister worked together to design the bouquet and the flower arrangement on the chuppah.

– Micah (bride)
Chuppah constructed of Birch poles and decorated with flowers and white linen. There is a table to the side of the chuppah that holds wine and the couples ketubah.
Ben & Micahs ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) was make by The Delicate Brush.


Before entering the chuppah Ben and Micah both walked circles around each other to celebrate the family circle they were creating.

Bride observes the tradition of 'circling' her groom during a Jewish wedding ceremony. Is the background of the photo stands a chuppah and pine trees.
Mother and father walk bride down the aisle during a McCall, Idaho wedding ceremony. This walk is called the 'The Walk to the Chuppah' and is a Jewish tradition where both parents walk the bride down.

Seven Blessings

Each one of Ben and Micah’s family members read one of the seven blessings. It was a beautiful and emotion exchange of blessings focused on joy, companionship and the power of love. The Seven Blessings were followed by a modified version of sharing wine together.

Our parents and sisters each read their personalized versions of one the Seven Blessings. Traditionally, all family members would drink wine from the same cup, but with COVID in mind, we made individual champagne jello shots instead!

– Micah (bride)
Closeup of hands exchanging wine sharing during a jewish wedding ceremony.
Father of the groom reads the Seven Blessings during a Jewish-Catholic wedding ceremony. Wedding couple is standing under a chuppah and surrounded by their family.
Close up of bride and grooms hands during their wedding ceremony. Bride is wearing a beaded BHLDN wedding dress.


After their ceremony B&M slipped away to observe yichud or seclusion together. This tradition gives the couple time to exchange private vows and celebrate together. They rejoined their guests for Bloody Marys and then the wedding celebration adjured for the afternoon.

Bride and groom touch forehead after their first kiss.
Bride and groom stand together with pine trees and rocks behind them during their wedding adventure session on Payette Lake.

Pro Tip: Planning a sunrise session and morning ceremony gives you the afternoon to relax or nap ;). The evening can then be spent celebrating with your loved ones.

Historic Roseberry Barn wedding reception

East Roseberry Road Donnelly, ID 83615 | 208.325.8628 | Website

The Historic Roseberry Barn is a rustic barn wedding venue located in McCall, Idaho.

Micah and Ben planned a beautiful evening reception for their wedding guests at the Historic Roseberry Barn. Erin from Dreamer Events coordinated and styled the space for them. Erin created an intimate space with couches and chairs that ended up hosted an emotional exchange of letters from guests that couldn’t attend the wedding due to COVID.

A blue velvet antique couch and orange velvet antique chairs are used to decorated a reception space at the Historic Roseberry Barn in McCall, Idaho. There are mountains and trees in the back ground.
This couch and chairs can be rented from Brush Creek Rentals in Boise.
Orange velvet chairs sit on a deck with a mirrored table between them. Reception space decoration ideas.
Orange velvet chairs and a blue velvet couch sit on a deck. Reception space decoration ideas.

Getting married during a pandemic was not at all what we envisioned, but the time with friends and family in a beautiful area of the country was even more special, given the circumstances.

– Micah (bride)

Ben and Micah are commercial fisherman from Alaska. They planned their whole reception around cooking King Salmon for their guests. The Roseberry Barn allowed them to build an oven along the side of the barn and watching the fish being cooked was a highlight of the reception!

We brought a single massive salmon down to Idaho that fed all of our guests at the reception. A renowned chef in our family built a clever DIY outdoor brick oven to cook the fish over an open flame.

Micah (bride)
Two men lower a King Salmon fillet into a cinder block backing oven.
Closeup photo of a hand holding a briquette chimney with sparks flying from the bottom. In the background of the photo is salmon fillet.

Pro Tip: Charcuterie boards are a fun and easy way to serve appetizers at your wedding! Sweet n’ Savory from Boise created the charcuterie boards for Ben & Micahs McCall, Idaho wedding.

Closeup photo of a fruit and cheese charcuterie board from Sweet n' Savory in Boise, Idaho. This board includes cheese, blackberry's, grapes and crackers.
Closeup photo of a plate with Salmon, green beans and salad sitting on a mirror topped table.
Detail photo of a wedding reception table at the Historic Roseberry Barn in McCall, Idaho. The table is set with gold and white china plates and gold place settings. There is a blue hand dyed table runner and flower vases running the length of the table.
Detail photo of wedding reception table setting. White and gold china plates with gold silverware sit on a rustic table. There is a blue table runner and flowers in the middle of the table.
Photo of wedding guests seated at a long reception table in a grassy lawn. There is a red barn with a deck behind the reception table. The Historic Roseberry Barn is located in McCall, Idaho.
This wedding was featured in Wanderings Weddings Micro Wedding Guide! Head on over to their website to see more inspiration for planning your small wedding.

Bride and groom stand holding hands along old log cabins at the Historic Roseberry Barn wedding venue in McCall, Idaho.

Ben & and Micah’s day come to close under a pink sunset and a full summer moon. We walked out into an adjourning field and took a few photos of them as a married couple. The mountains where they hiked and held their ceremony early that day can be seen behind them.

Kind words from Ben & Micah

“As soon as we read Autumn’s website, we knew she was our gal. Her experience and love of small, outdoor, very personal ceremonies fit our vision exactly. We waited until the week of the wedding to pick the specific location outside of McCall, and Autumn took an extra day to run around the mountains with us and check out sites. Autumn is exceptionally responsive, a lovely person, and so thoughtful. It felt like working with a friend we’d known forever!”

Bride and groom stand in a grassy field at sunset with mountains behind them. This couple planned a reception at the Historic Roseberry Barn in McCall, Idaho.