McCall engagement session | Olive and Dan’s snowshoeing adventure

Adventuring with Olive and Dan for their McCall engagement session was a highlight of my winter! We made about 5 different plans in the weeks leading up to their session because the weather kept changing. We had originally intended to hike to a lookout but when a winter storm advisory put the kibosh on those plans we decided to go snowshoeing instead. We met in McCall and drove out to the end of Payette Lake and just played in the snow for a few hours.

Couple stands on a snowy lane holding hands during their McCall engagement session.
Engaged couple makes snowballs.
Couple has a snowball fight during their McCall engagement session.

How to stay warm during your McCall engagement session

Staying warm during a winter engagement session can be a bit of a challenge. It was in the mid 20’s for this session! My number one tip for staying warm is to layer up! My second tip is to bring hand warmers for your jacket pockets and those peel and stick body warmers. Covering your core with those sticky body warms will make all the difference in the world!

Couple snowshoes down a snowy lane in McCall, Idaho.

Tips for choosing winter outfits for your McCall Engagement session

Choosing outfits for an engagement session is always a point of stress for a couple. Olive and I chatted a bit about outfits beforehand. They ended up going with something that was warm and practical for snowshoeing and then they changed into something more dressy for a few photos at the end. I loved how her hat and red jacket looked in the snow! If you are wondering about engagement session outfits you can find more about choosing photo outfits in my engagement session guide: Click here.

Couple laughs together during their snowy engagement session in McCall, Idaho.
Couple smiles with foreheads touching in a snowy forest.
Couple kisses in a snowy forest during their McCall engagement session.

Bringing two outfits for your engagement session is always a good idea! It gives you two sets of photos, which is nice if you are given them as gifts. It also gives you a change of clothing if you get wet or dirty during the first half of your session. I always suggest couples comes in their ‘casual’ outfit because we will do the bulk of the adventuring before they change.

Couple embraces during their snowy snowy engagement session.
Couple stands looking at each other on a snowy lane during their engagement session in McCall, Idaho.
Couple dances on a snowy lane during their McCall engagement session.

I absolutely love snowshoeing and photographing in the snow! These are easily two of my favorite things! If you are looking for a photographer for your McCall engagement session I am local and love helping couples plan adventurous and stress-free sessions.