McCall Elopement With Epic Mountain Vibes

N & N’s McCall Elopement Details

We met the afternoon of their elopement in the parking lot for my Father’s Place in McCall. Nicole jumped out of her truck and met me with a smile and a hug. Nick and Nicole had been hiking the trails around McCall looking for the perfect spot for their elopement. They found it a few weeks before their wedding day. I hadn’t done this particular hike, so I followed them up the mountain to the trailhead. It seems like the best hikes start at the end of a 4×4 road and I got more excited the bumper the road got!

Couple walks together along a mountain ridge in the setting sun. There is a lake and mountains in the distance. Bride is wearing a pink tulle skirt and bodysuit from Sweet Caroline Styles and the groom is wearing a green suit from Men’s Wearhouse. Bride is holding a bouquet from a McCall, Idaho florist.

The Hike

N & N’s elopement adventure began with the hot afternoon sun chasing them up the trail. By the time we got to the top, we were all sweating and in need of a break. We dropped our packs and I started wandering around looking for a spot for their ‘first look’. After finding the perfect hidden spot for their first look we hiked back down the mountain a little way to their ceremony location.

Bride walks up behind the groom during their first look. This couples first look was done at the top of the mountain before their elopement ceremony. Bride is wearing a pink skirt and white bodysuit. Groom is in a green suit. There are mountains and trees behind the couple.
Bride and groom kisses during their elopement hike. Couple is dressed in wedding attire and wearing backpacks. Couple is standing in a forest of Pine Trees and the sunlight is coming through the trees behind them.

McCall Elopement Pro Tip: If you are doing a strenuous hike it’s better to hike in your regular cloths and then do a ‘first look’ at the top.

Couple throws snow in the air during their elopement adventure. They are dressed in their wedding attire and wearing hiking backpacks.

On the hike down we found the tiniest little patch of snow!

Their McCall Elopement Ceremony

N & N had picked a location with an expansive view of McCall and Long Valley for their elopement. We hiked out a spur ridge and found a place where you could see both lakes in the background and then they exchanged their vows, rings and a first kiss. I am also a licensed officiant, so I played both photographer and legal signature for their ceremony.

Unique vow book set with prompts. Blue vow books laying on a log. The couple's names and rings are on the front of the books.
Couple exchanges vows during their elopement ceremony. Couple is standing on a hillside with mountains in the distance.
Couples exchange their first kiss during their elopement ceremony.  Bride is wearing a pink tulle skirt and bodysuit from Sweet Caroline Styles. Groom is wearing a green suit from Men’s Wearhouse.
Couple celebrates after their elopement ceremony in the mountains outside of McCall, Idaho. Couple is standing on an open ridge with mountains and a lake behind them. Bride is wearing a pink tulle skirt and bodysuit from Sweet Caroline Styles.

Gâteau Basque

One of my favorite things about photographing elopements is seeing the personal touches each couple brings to their wedding day. Nicole is Basque and their favorite dessert to share together is Gateau Basque – a traditional dessert from the Northern region of France. They drove 6 hours round trip to pick up a Gateau from a baker in Boise for their elopement. On elopement day we hiked 3 miles with it nestled in a cake Tupperware, so they could cut it together after their ceremony – bring just a single slice up the mountain wouldn’t do!

Detail photo of a Gateau Basque for elopement cake inspiration. Cake is yellow with candied oranges and lemons on top. There is a dusting of powdered sugar on top of the cake.
Couple cuts a Gateau Basque during their elopement celebration.

Sunset Photos

N & N finished their elopement evening with photos at sunset and then we hiked down the trail in the dark with headlamps. The night sky was sparking, so we took a few starry photos after reaching the trailhead.

Couple walks up a hillside holding hands in the late evening light. Bride is wearing a pink tulle skirt and bodysuit from Sweet Caroline Styles. Groom is wearing a green suit from Men’s Wearhouse and holding a bouquet.
Bride stands holding the side of her dress on one hand and a bouquet of flowers in her other hand. Bride is wearing a pink tulle skirt and bodysuit from Sweet Caroline Styles. She is looking to the side of the photo and smiling.
Detail photo of a wedding bouquet from a McCall, Idaho florist. There are pink peonies, white peonies, white daffodils and seeded eucalyptus in the bouquet.
Groom embraces bride. Couple is laughing and the bride is holding a bouquet of flowers. Couple is standing in the mountains above McCall, Idaho.
Couple stands with their backs to the camera. Groom is kissing the bride on the forehead. There are mountains and a lake behind the couple.
Couple laughs as they hold hands during their elopement.
Couple sits with their backs touching in the dark. They are wearing headlamps. The night sky is above them.

Creative team for this McCall elopement – His Attire: Men’s Wearhouse, Her Attire: Skirt – 1000love & Bodysuit: Sweetcarolinestyles, Flowers: Farm to Market Floral , Hair: Dahlias McCall