Olive & Dan’s Idaho Backpacking Elopement

There is so much to say about this Idaho backpacking elopement! In the fall of 2020, Olive, Dan and I crossed paths without knowing each other. I hiked by their camp during an elopement and D&O’s dogs barked at us but we didn’t talk. It is worth noting that where we saw each other was in the middle of nowhere. Olive and Dan were backpacking a 17 mile loop and had camped along the lake where my eloping couple had their sunrise ceremony. It’s honestly quite amazing that we rubbed shoulders that morning!

A eloping couple stands together with their packs to the camera. They are standing on an alpine lake during their Idaho backpacking elopement.

Two weeks later Olive inquired with me about eloping. In her message said she had gotten engaged on a backpacking trip a few weeks earlier in Stanley. After talking a bit we realized we had already met. It was her dogs that had barked at me that morning. Dan later told me that seeing us (a couple getting married) gave him a little extra courage to proposal.

A couple plays with their dogs in the middle of a tail on their Idaho backpacking elopement.
Elopement details arranged on an old stump. The details include a 'dog of honor' bandana, orange vow books and a bridal bouquet.

Olive & Dan decided that they wanted to return to where Dan had proposed for their Idaho backpacking elopement. In September of this year, we hiked in and camped at this alpine lake. There was some lingering snow from a storm the day before and it added a beautiful layer of white to the mountains! But oh man was it cold!

A couple exchanges vows during their Idaho backpacking elopement.

O&D’s elopement started at 6:30 AM. Olive wore her grandmas dress and their pups sported wedding bandanas. Olive & Dan exchanged vows in the pinkish light that arrives just before sunrise. After their ceremony they had a little dance party and then headed back to camp to cook breakfast. They cooked sticky rise and drank coffee in the sun.

An eloping couple stands facing each other and rubbing their cold hands together. This couple eloped at sunrise.
A couple touches foreheads during their sunrise elopement ceremony.
A couple enjoys the sunrise after their elopement ceremony. They couple is standing on an alpine lake in Idaho. This coupe backpacked for their elopement.

We then hiked above the lake to where Dan proposed. The hike took us about an hour and we spent time along the trail taking photos and warming up in the sunshine. We parted ways at the ‘proposal spot’ and O&D returned to the lake to hangout and camp another night. I continued on the trail and hiked to some lakes I had been wanting to check out.

A couple stands together with an aqua blue lake behind them during their Idaho backpacking elopement.

Dan and Olives elopement was organic and exactly what they had envisioned. Being involved in helping make it happen was a such a fun experience and I am so grateful for couples that choose to adventure on their wedding day 💫.