Wedding | What is a 'Day After' Session?


I love, love, love wedding after sessions! They could be a sunrise session the morning after your wedding or an adventure session a few days later. Either way, a wedding after session is a chance to get dressed up in your wedding attire and go adventuring. These type of sessions offer you a few unique opportunities:

Wedding after sessions document your first adventure as a married couple. It is seriously so sweet to watch a ‘just married’ couple hike together - lots of tender embraces and helping hands. Documenting these moments in your new relationship is an amazing experience you will remember forever.


Wedding after sessions allow you to incorporate nature even if you are having a more traditional wedding. If your getting married at a venue but want couple photos in a natural setting a wedding after session is perfect for you. They can be as adventurous as you like! Your could arrange a Jeep tour or strap your wedding attire to a backpack and hike to a beautiful location.


Wedding after sessions allow you more time with your wedding guest. Couple pictures are the single most important element of wedding photography. But they take time and sometimes couples would rather spend more time with their guests. Instead of spending 45 minutes on couple photos on your wedding day you can opt for a 10 minute portrait session and then go out with your photographer the next day. This gives you more time with your guests the day of and epic couple photos in an amazing location the next day.


Wedding after sessions allow you to go adventuring in your wedding attire. Why not get another run out of your dress and tux? This is such a fun opportunity to strap on your hiking boots and give that dress and bouquet another spin!