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Personal | 2018 Blogging Goal

In the world of websites and search engine optimization (SEO), blogging is one of the easiest ways to improve a websites visibility. Blogging adds content to a website and shows that the website is active and generating useful information. Search engines, like Google, crawl a website periodically to check for new and relevant content. Google use the information it finds to rank the website. The higher a website ranks in a search engine the more traffic it will receive.

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Personal | Spinosaurus

For me photography has always been a way with which to tell a story. This is a story of a little boy and his love for a rubbery, prehistoric creature. 

When I was editing these pictures last night I was reminded of the wonder of childhood. To me Spinosaueus is just another toy littering the living room floor, but to Emery he is a listening ear on a long car ride, a bubble blowing partner and a friend to hug to sleep at night. Sometimes we need to be reminded to slowdown and enjoy the simple wonders that are all around us. 

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Personal | Welcoming Ella

Its hard to remember life before children. I look back and wonder what I did with all my spare time. Ella was born on a Saturday and I didn't find time to take her first photographs until 8 days later. If I would have had a 'behind the scenes' camera you would have seen my son jumping off the couch and trying to take her out of the basket. Regardless.... here is our beautiful Ella.

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