when all the attention is focused on the two people that really matter

In 1950 my grandparents eloped to Nevada. My grandma didn’t spend endless hours picking out table settings or hunting for a venue. Instead she and my grandfather road tripped to Winnemucca with their two best friends and exchanged their vows on the steps of a courthouse. In the past eloping has been viewed as something that was secretive and cheap, but over the years the definition of eloping has grown. It now includes mountaintops, pristine sand beaches and rainy coastlines. The beauty in eloping is that it removes the stress created by tradition and refocuses the purpose of a wedding on the two people that really matter.



What is an Adventure elopement?

A wedding celebration in the great outdoors that is 100% focused on you



Your Adventure Elopement

Adventure elopements trade tradition for a day spent exploring with your best friend. They are completely focused on you, as a couple, and the experience you are having together in the great outdoors. This experience can be anything from hiking to your favorite overlook to exchange your vows or planning a weekend wedding celebration in the backcountry.

I believe your adventure elopement deserves to be captured in its entirety - from the moment you start preparing for your day until your first sunset as a married couple. If you have looked through my website you will notice my photos are intimate and unposed. The moments that create these types of photos don’t come from quick, ‘stand over there and smile’ couple sessions. They come from a day spent being yourself and exploring with the love of your life. Your wedding celebration is a story of your love and it deserves to be documented from beginning to end. My elopement collection is designed to give you all-day coverage and a little extra the morning after.

What is the value in trading a traditional wedding for an adventure elopement?



Eloping makes your wedding day a celebration of YOU and the commitment you are making to your partner.


Eloping removes imposed traditions, stress and opinions from others. Elopements are exactly what you design them to be.


Adventure elopements make your wedding day completely focused on the intimate experience you are having with each other in nature’s chapel.



I am not just a photographer…

I am here to help you plan the most meaningful, YOU centered wedding celebration you can image. From the time you reach out to me until I deliver your wedding gallery, I am committed to you and the vision you have for your elopement. If you are considering an Idaho adventure elopement I can offer a variety of ‘off the beaten path’ locations around Boise, McCall, Stanley, Grangeville and Coeur d’Alene. I have spent the better part of 10 years exploring the Salmon River canyon out of Riggins and can offer location suggestions for all levels of river adventure elopements - from guest ranches to mountain lakes only accessible by horseback.



 To this day my grandma lights up when she talks about her elopement. Are you planning a wedding day that will give you goosebumps 70 years from now?